Nux Vom

Is the head remedy for colic due to indigestion. It should be given in the beginning in low dilutions in hot water. The pain may be in any part of the abdomen. Pains are aching or cramping and worse after food and attended with flatulence, constipation and nausea. Abdominal cramps during pregnancy.


Griping, clutching, cramping, digging, and stabbing pain as if grasped by the fingers, better by bending double or by hard pressure against the abdominal wall. Summer complaints and also in dysentery. The colic is caused by flatus, undigested food or unripe fruits or cold or by violent emotion such as a fit of anger. It is of little use in inflammatory colic.

Veratrum Album

In adbominal pains better by bending double and by walking about. Colic as if intestines twisted into a knot, abdominal cramps. Cold sweat on the face. It is specially suitable in intussusception of bowels. Cold feeling in the abdomen.


Finds relief by bending double and after eating. Urine is red.

Croton Tig

Griping pain with profuse watery diarrhoea gushing like water from a hydrant. Aggravated after vnursing and eating.


Pain in the umbilical region, which is conti­nuous and constant, better by bending backward and by streching the body. Bilious rheumatic and neuralgic colic. Regurgitation; sour or bitter belchings.

Cuprm Met

An excellent remedy for inflammatory colic, abdomen hard: violent spasms of colic as if a knife were thrust into abdomen. Aggravated by cold drinks.


It is suitable in spasmodic pain which comes and goes suddenly. Colic from anger; worse from warmth. Staphisagria is another remedy which is indicated in colic after anger or following abdominal operation. Flatulence is relieved by eructations.

Aconite N

When there is a feeling of congestion in the womb and abdomen with full and frequent pulse.

Cocculus Ind

Nervous colic, worse at night, accompanied by flatulence, the discharge of which gives no relief. Craving for cold drinks, especially beer. Bitter or metallic taste. Cramps in abdomen.


Tendency to lead colic in those who work in lead, such as painters etc.


Abdominal pains radiating in all directions, walls drawn in as if abdomen and back were too close. There are cramps in legs and obstinate constipation but no flatulence. Stony hardness of abdomen. Specific for lead colic. Umbilical pain goes through the spine. The patient bends backward.


Colic with chilliness caused from pastry or rich food, loud rumbling and gurgling in abdomen. Flatulent colic in hysterical and pregnant women. Urination frequent. Stitching or crampy pains attended with nausea.

Cadmium Sulph

Burning and cutting pains in stomach with intense nausea and vomiting. Black vomiting. The least thing touching the lip will excite vomiting.

Cuprum Ars

Neuralgic pains in abdomen. Burning, cramping and colic, pains.

Ranunculus B

Pains stitching, right side of the abdomen under the ribs. Hydpochondriac pain.

Natrum Carb

Pain in stomach relieved by eating. Drives the patient out of bed to eat at 5 a.m.


Colic especially infantile colic when the child is full of wind. It also cures debility with bowels constipated.

Magnesia Phos

Violent, spasmodic pain which is. better by hot application. Pain worse on the right side and better by bending double. Belching and passing of gas gives no relief. Persistent hiccough with retchings day and night. Cramps on lower extremities. Vesicular colic due to cholecystitis (Gall stone).


Sharp pain in the epigastrium with anxiety and oppression. The abdomen feels contracted as if it were tied with ropes. The pain spreads to the right scapula. Pain in the umbilical region. Worse on right side, on movement, on change of weather and in the morning, Obstructive jaundice, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis. Epigastric pain due to intestinal fermentation.

China Off

Epigastric pain with sensation of weight and fullness after eating even a small quantity of food. Great debility due to loss of fluids. Bitter taste. Food has salty taste. Sensation of hunger and thirst for cold water. Abdomen bloated with gas. Duodenal pain. Hiccough.


Abdomen enormously distended, least drink immediately ejected, Slightest touch gives awful pain. Intestinal obstruction. Bending backward to seek relief.


Pain or eruptions in the region of the umbili­cus, especially the "hole"


Painter's colic; umbilical pain goes through to back. He screams and tries to relieve pain by trying all possible positions.


Colics of the nervous kind that seems to be particularly seated in the small intestine. The pains are better by pressure. There is sudden sinking of strength as if the very principle of life has been struck down.


It is useful for colic due to anger.


Cofic relieved by hard pressure. Pains begin lightly, increase gradually to the highest point and then gradually decline.


Severe cutting pains in abdomen and rumbling of flatulence with cold feeling in the abdomen.

Allium Cepa

Violent cutting pain in left lower abdomen, with frequent desire to urinate which burns. Colic in children with doubling up and offensive flatus.


Severe pains over pubes with strong desire to pass water which gives relief.

Carbo Veg

Pain in upper part of the stomach with flatulence, not better by belching.


Painter's colic.


Pain or pressure in the epigastrium after eating, with a sour taste, great distension, especially of the lower abdomen. Tongue dry without thirst. Excessive hunger. Worse eating meat or bread. Worse between 4-8 P.M. and better by walking, on belching and expelling gases.


Cramps during pregnancy with sleeplessness.