Mercurius Cor

Head remedy for all forms of iritis, especially gonorrhosal or syphilitic. The pains are usully severe in and around the eyes, in forehead and temples. Pains worse at  night.Sensitiveness to light. Iris discoloured, pupil contracted; it cures and stops formation of adhesions. Inflammation of the retina, choroidand of the optic nerve. All sorts of disturbed vision.

Hepar Sulph

When the inflammation has extended to the neighbouring tissues, cornea and ciliary body and when there is pus formation in the anterior chamber (hypopyon). Pain relieved by warmth and aggravated by motion. The patient feels chilly and wants to keep warmly covered.


Severe neuralgic pain in the course of the supra-orbital nerve, especially if periodical.

Nitric Acid

Head remedy for syphilitic iritis, ft also covers sycotic miasm resulting in iritis.

Rhns Tox

Rheumatic iritis when caused by exposure to wet or when found in a rheumatic patient. Suppurative iritis occurring after cataract operation. Lids swollen with profuse rush of tears on opening the eyes.


Syphilitic iritis, with gummata on the iris. Large wartlike excrescences on the iris, with severe, sharp, stinging pain in the eye, aggravated at night and relieved by warmth.

Arnica Mont

In iritis due to injury and in some cases it also helps in rheumatic iritis.

Aurum Met

Serviceable in syphilitic iritis and after dosing with murcury or potash. Much pain deep into the bones surrounding the eyes, worse by touch. Pain extends from up down-wards and from without inwards, worse by rest and pressure.