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Mental Diseases

- Absent Mindedness
- Abusiveness
- Alcoholism
- Anger
- Annoyance
- Anxiety
- Apprehension
- Aversion
- Brain Fag
- Brooding
- Cheating
- Clairvoyance
- Company
- Concentration
- Confidence
- Confusion
- Consolation
- Contradiction
- Craving
- Death
- Deceiving
- Delusion
- Dementia Precox
- Depression
- Desire
- Destructive
- Development
- Dread
- Eats
- Escape
- Examination
- Fear
- Flattery
- Forgetfulness
- Gambling
- Guilty Conscience
- Hallucination
- Hate
- Home Sickness
- Hypochondriasis
- Hysteria
- Idiocy
- Impulses
- Indifference
- Insanity
- Jealousy
- Love Disappointed
- Love Falling in
- Loquacity
- Lying
- Mania
- Melancholia
- Memory
- Miserly
- Mistakes
- Mocking
- Nervousness
- Neurasthenia
- Obstinate
- Peevish
- Perception
- Poisoned
- Pride
- Quarrelsome
- Sadness
- Shy
- Sleep
- Sleepiness
- Sleeplessness
- Stealing
- Stool
- Suicidal Tendency
- Superstitions
- Suspicion
- Sympathy
- Talkativeness
- Thieving
- Thinking
- Weeping
- Will
- Witty
- Wounded Pride
- Writers Cramps




To amusement, to tobacco smoke, cannot stand smoking.


To family members, to business or profession, to the opposite sex. Irritable, indifferent, tired. Wants to be alone in dark. Creates aversion to beer.


To family members or others due to pride; thinks. herself too big in status.


To women and coition; to marriage.

Cadmium sulph

To doing anything mental or physical.

Aconite N

To music.


Music makes her weep.


In women to opposite sex.

Nux Vomica

To work when due to indigestion or nervous dyspepsia. If she works, does everything wrong.


To work when accompanied with chronic consti­pation.


To work in dyspepsia. Disgust for meat. Aver­sion to bread and butter; to beer.

Natrum Mur

Aversion to bread, to fats and to rich food.

Lac Vac Defl

Aversion to milk, men, women and children. Cannot drink milk as it makes them sick. Aversion to seeing and talking to people. Headache from drinking milk.


To husband.


To work or move after dinner. Aversion to cheese.

Argentum Nit



To work in melancholia. If the first medicine does not help, try the second.

Acid Thior

Aversion to family members and dearest friends. Wants to go away from home. Low mindedness due to sexual excesses in men who are debauches.


Does not want to work and prefers to play.


Averse to being spoken to, though likes to hear other people talk. Cannot bear to look inside the books he usually studies. Aversion to company of own sex.

Natrum Carb

Inability to work due to ovcrstudy. Aversion to milk which if taken, causes diarrhoea.

Picric Acid

Aversion to marriage; the very idea of marriage is unendurable.

Kali Bich

Aversion to meat with biliousness.


Aversion to food and drink.

Calcarea Carb

Poor appetite with aversion to meat and craving for boiled eggs.

Acid Nitric. Acid Mur

Cannot bear the sight or thought of meat. Aversion to meat.


Aversion to coffee and meat. Hates to take them.

Veratrum Viride

Aversion to sweets. Even water tastes sweet.


Aversion to milk in marismic children who crave for bread boiled in milk to satisfy hunger.


Aversion to potatoes which do not agree; to meat which has no taste; to beer.

Alumina Phos

Aversion to company and to answering questions.

Antim Tart

Aversion to milk which makes the patient sick, causing nausea and vomiting. Aversion to any kind of nourishment.


Aversion to coffee or tobacco. Disgust at their odour.


Strong aversion to fat food, to meat, to open air, worse from eating cabbage.


Aversion to coffee, warm drinks, soups and liquid foods.


Aversion to mother's milk which is vomited when taken.

Magnet Polis Auslralis

Aversion to conversation


Great repugnance and dislike to all food.

Carbo Veg

Aversion to digestible things and best of food. Desire for coffee, acids etc.


Aversion to liquids. Even a cup of water brought to her lips will cause violent spasms. Liquid can only be forced down the throat with difficulty.


Aversion to darkness. Wants light in the room all night.

Tarentula H

Sensitive to music. As soon as she hears music, she will jump and dance.


Aversion to noise and every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body causing nausea and vertigo. Sound penetrates into the teeth. Worse on closing the eyes.


Aversion to all food, to meat which it is impossible to eat.

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